Monday, March 5, 2012

Albanian Film: The Forgiveness of Blood

Dear Friends

Making it to US theaters has not been an easy road for for  THE
FORGIVENESS OF BLOOD but we are very pleased to share with you the
news that:

Last Weekend, the Oscars Week End, the Albanian Language film THE
FORGIVENESS OF BLOOD  opened in NY with  The highest
per-theater-average of any film in release in the country due to
enormous support of Albanian community.

The Distributing company Sundance Selects noted the film played to
sold out houses in New York and decided to expand into the top 20
markets in March.

The Film is STILL in theaters and THIS WEEKEND and i call upon you to
reach out and to show community strength.

Please come see the film, recommend it to friends and family. Tell
everyone you can, to come. Tweet about it - post on Facebook about it.

In the Greater Boston area, The Forgiveness of Blood will be shown 


Kendall Square Cinema
Cambridge, MA


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