Thursday, February 23, 2012

BOSTON: Need a good electrician?

I was delighted to see my old friend, Ilir Gjata, at the screening of the Albanian movie "Forgiveness of Blood" at the University of Massachusetts Boston last Tuesday night since he had once resolved  some electrical work  in my apartment.

 I had originally retained another electrician to install ceiling fans in several rooms who ran into wiring problems that he couldn't quite handle.  I quickly decided to contact Ilir Gjata, who came to our apartment almost immediately and began reworking  some of the installations by the other electrician, and then guided him until the work was finally and efficiently completed.

I was truly amazed at the speed and the manner with which Ilir mentored the other electrician who, in point of fact, actually learned much from Ilir as he watched him handle different tools while utilizing  various methods to pull ceiling wiring. Naturally, I was extremely grateful to Ilir for taking over the electrical project, who, moreover, absolutely refused to accept any payment from me for all his diligent work.

So, if you need a great electrician for any job, large or small,  I am delighted to recommend Ilir Gjata, a Master Electrician,  who can be reached at or  CEL (617) 834-8700!

Trust me, you'll be glad you did!


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