Thursday, February 23, 2012

American Ambassador salutes Albanian troops bound for Afganistan

Arvizu saluted on Thursday the 
military contingent OMLT-A

16.02.2012,  ora 16:32

Aleksander Arvizu 4

U.S. Ambassador in Tirana, Alexander Arvizu saluted on Thursday the military contingent OMLT-A, which will depart soon for Afghanistan, noting that Albania is the second NATO member country that have contributed with more troops in Afghanistan, after the USA. "Albania′s constant contribution to NATO missions is now a reality," said Arvizu, stressing that "I am convinced that Albania will continue to support any mission". He thanked Albania for its ongoing support to NATO missions in Afghanistan and welcomed its contribution to future missions. "Everyone in Albania is proud of what you do," said Arvizu, addressing OMLT-A military troops. /


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