Friday, February 17, 2012

An Albanian Cookbook

Regrettably, I had been notified by the publisher that the book " Best of Albanian Cooking: Favorite Family Recipes" by  Klementina Hysa and R. John Hysa, that Frosina had offered in exchange for donations for several years, is no longer in print.  Therefore, I would like to recommend another, excellent Albanian cookbook that can be purchased directly from an Albanian Women's Guild  in Worcester, Massachusetts, as described below:


An Albanian Cookbook created by the Women's Guild of St. Mary's Assumption Albanian Orthodox Church in Worcester, MA can be found at

Price of a single copy of Albanian Cookbook is $22.50 plus shipping and handling.
Accompanying Albanian Cookbook DVD is also available for purchase as a single item or in combination with the cookbook for a discounted price.  Please visit our website for further information:


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