Monday, February 13, 2012

Albanian Folk Music Festival in northern Albania

Here's a great opportunity to hear some authentic Albanian folk music from a BBC broadcast of  a recent Music Festival in  northern Albania. It's worth listening to!!


Dear Members-

This music program :"Lucy Duran heads to the mountainous north of Albania to a folk festival in the remote town of Bajram Curri to hear musicians from across northern Albania and neighbouring Kosovo" is on radio 3 today. It has just come to our attention from Edit Pulaj. Please see the email from Edit Pulaj below who explains about it how to see the pictures.

"Dear Friends

The 3rd Albanian Music Program  i worked on will broadcast from London to the World this Sunday. Another party in it's honor ,more dancing and  Raki planned  from this end and you will certainly be missed  . i  wish you could all be here,however tune in on Sunday 10pm  or listen online if you can,drag down the page on the link to see the pictures and I'm sure you will feel  part of our amazing journey . This episode (i just listen to it) i particularly like  as North Albania was as a discovery to me as to a foreign ear or eye must be.  I hope  you'll enjoy too.

coming up .Episode 3 -North Albania


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