Tuesday, January 31, 2012

BOSTON: Free English Classes

Hello, We are contacting regarding the Evening class we are currently offering, to anyone interested. We would really appreciate if you would direct any prospect students to our school. Please note that we accept anyone interested, without discrimination. The only condition is that they are over 16 and that they take our placement test. We are offering these classes as e a Teacher Training center, looking for students for teaching practice. Please find the details bellow and as well a flyer in the attachment. Thank you for your consideration! International House Boston 1 Faneuil Hall | South Market 1, 3rd floor Boston, MA 02109 T: +1 617 939 9318 | F: +1 646.219.7759 www.ihboston.com www.toeflcourseboston.com www.thboston.com


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