Monday, March 5, 2012

Here's an interesting Albanian-oriented website that Albanian and non-Albanian visitors to the Frosina Blog might find of interest. It's produced in both the Albanian and English languages.

The Mission

Alba Life Inc. is a non profit Organization of the Albanian-Americans in the United States working together to preserve the Albanian heritage and cultivate Albanian culture and traditions among the Albanian Community in the United States.
Alba Life Inc. shall pursue the main following purposes:
  • Provide the Albanian Community the ability to preserve the Albanian Culture and the heritage in the United States. Alba Life Inc. will attempt to achieve this through the establishment of a Community Center, organization of the Albanian Community events and launching Alba Life Television programs transmitting these events and other related cultural program.
  • Provide mentorship and facilitate the preservation of the Albanian Language. Alba Life Inc. will strive to create a network of educated Albanians who can provide professional mentorship to the Albanian Community, and offer Albanian Language based courses to non native Albanians on order to preserve the Albanian language, culture, history and traditions.
  • To assist Albanian Immigrants in the reintegration in the American Society. Alba Life Inc. will strive to create a network of Albanians professionals who can provide Guidance to immigrants to integrate in the American Society.


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