Friday, March 9, 2012

ALB Film: "Forgiveness of Blood" opens in Cambridge

Dear Friends,

Come see "The Forgiveness of Blood", the first Albanian movie to ever be shown in major American Theatres.

The movie will run from March 9th to March 16th at the Kendall Square Theatre in Cambrdige. Your participation will help support Albanian culture and heritage in this centennial year of Albanian Independence.

A special question and answer session with co-writer and co-producer Andamion Murataj will take place after the 3:50pm show on Sunday, March 11th.

The Forgiveness of Blood We look forward to seeing you!

Kendall Square Cinema
One Kendall Square
(at 355 Binney Street)
Cambridge, MA 02139

Movie dates:
March 9th to March 16h

10:30am (Sat&Sun only)
1:00pm, 3:50pm, 6:40pm, 9:30pm (every day)

Tickets are $11 and you can purchase them at the theatre.



At March 9, 2012 at 1:25 PM , Blogger Van Christo said...

One explanation of the Albanian "Kanun" by Jack Goldfarb taken from his article "Courage and Compassion in the Holocaust"

"The Kanun, the traditional "code of honor," obliges Albanians not only to be hospitable to "guests," (read"foreigners") but to be responsible for their safekeeping. The Kanun largely explains why the Albanian people in an extraordinary demonstration of national courage and compassion provided a safe haven for hundreds of Jewish refugees who fled Jugoslavia, Germany, Austria and Bulgaria to this little Balkan land during the Hitlerian Holocaust. This predominantly Moslem country, where religious differences have always been played down, shielded its own Jewish community so vigilantly that not one single Jew, foreign or Albanian, fell into the hands of the Nazi occupiers."

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