Friday, December 21, 2012

Worth Supporting: One Hundred Albanians: One Heart-Saturday Night!!

Please see attached the latest MAASBESA Newsletter on Saturday's One Hundred Albanians One Heart Event, and please make your reservation if you plan to come at

So far we have 76 adults and 24 kids reserved online for the event, and 21 families have pledged to donate $10 per month beginning in 2013.  We are quite sure this will go much higher in the coming weeks.

Since there will be a fair number of kids at the party (including myself, of course), we are also expecting a visit from Santa Claus at around 8:00PM -- we really need someone to be Santa Claus every year for Albanian community events, and Saturday night is a good time to start.

Finally, due to unforeseen changes, we decided to include the drinks for adults and soft drinks for kids, add bread butter and salad as well as provide a holiday cake from the Plluska Family of Brian's Fine Desserts in Braintree.

We will have 3 bottles of wine per table for adults (no bartender) and 2 ½ liter coke and sprite per kid’s table, and entree choices will be chicken or fish only.

Final price will be $30/adult and $15/kid (including salad, drinks, desert) so it should actually cost less for adults than the original price of $25 without drinks or dessert

We apologize for any confusion or misunderstanding, but there were some changes this week from the restaurant that we could only address by making a package deal including the drinks.

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you on Saturday night


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