Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Worth repeating: Christmas Poem by Rozi Theohari



As 2005 comes to an end
Saturday, 24 December, 12:00 Noon
In broad daylight
Two jet planes in the Atlantic sky
Laying down the white puffy contrails
One, straight North-South
The other -- East to West
Through Boston Bay and beyond its shores
Create a big bright, silver, vaporized cross
Fixed in the middle by a dazzling Apollo-Sungod!
The presence of the eye of the Universe...
"O come, O come Emmanuel !"
A melody echoing of angels songs
Surrounding Boston from
Horizon to horizon.
Higher and higher the trail's prophecy cross
Stretches its wings
From Massachusetts -- the free Commonwealth--
To the World.
A messenger of grace for the planet:

Truth, Hope, and heavenly Peace on Earth.


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