Thursday, December 6, 2012

Here's a very interesting and worthy request that I received from my friend, Lou Foundos, about preserving photographs by an early Albanian photographer in Korce, Kristaq Sotiri,  that certainly should be supported!


It seems that there was a photographer who worked throughout the Korce region dating back to the early part of the 1900's. His original negatives are fading and someone has taken the task of digitizing them to save them for history. This project will take about 5000 Euros. Al and I think it is worth supporting  so I am trying to find  others who are willing to donate $500- $1000 toward this project. I have commitments for $3500 but we need about $3000 more. Can you participate and know of some others that may have an interest?

This is the email from the fellow who is spearheading the project.

Dear Lou, 
The photographer we are speaking of is: Kristaq Sotiri. He his author of similar works such as: (Tefta Tashko Koco) or but of course a large number of the pictures are expected to represent daily life, happiness or sorrow in the peoples of Korca's sorroundings ( 

 After the digitalization of photo-Marubi, this should be the largest project of photo digitalization in Albania

There is an immediate need to preserve them. Beside the economical aspects of the heirs of the archive, there are also other incentives like tourists or specific people buying the photo-negatives (on glass) as reliques or for other purposes. The digitization will at least create a full snapshot of this archive as it is today, because small part of it have been lost already.

The digitalization will be carried away by "Qendra Kombëtare e Inventarizimit të Pasurive Kulturore", a Governmental Institution concerned with cultural heritage. The problem is that they did not have the funds (and their proposal to the Ministry of Culture was rejected). Basically all the money I asked Rich to help me raise, will go to this process. Beside that, I will add personally another 1000€ to present the effort of the donors in a exposition which is necessary in this case. 
Rich has also mentioned the idea of a printed album (and we have an agreement for this as well) with the best pictures (should be free to distribute thought), but I have not included it in the price list before and honestly I am not so much concerned about that right now.

We have an agreement with the heirs of the archive, but in Albania there is a dynamicity in these things. Normally if someone has an agreement he should act quick or the other party might change the mind ("per sa kohe hekuri eshte i nxehte"). In fact I was hoping that the process of raising this fund would have been instant considering the value of the project and the required budget. Apparently I was too enthusiast and got carried away.
Let me know your thoughts and some other people we may approach.


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