Thursday, April 21, 2011

Albanian lady seeks position in hospital or medical facilty

Lately, I've been receiving several requests for assistance to Albanians that I've already posted to the Frosina Blog at and also forwarded to MASS BESA at

Just below is an appeal I received today for help for an Albanian woman seeking a position at a hospital or medical facility. Can anyone out there provide leads or suggestions for this qualified Albanian lady??


My name is Bruce Eckman and I am contacting you for some guidance for an individual I met last week. I am a mentor with SCORE Boston. SCORE is a non-profit group who's mission is to help, assist, provide direction to either start up companies or companies that require help in a specific area.

A woman of Albanian descent met with me last week to discuss a start up business but I suggested that given her lack of financial resources and other mitigating factors she would be best served utilizing her skills for an employer.

She has received a certification in medical terminology and medical transcription but is having a difficult time even landing an interview. Her ability to speak both English and Albanian combined with some fluency in two other languages would make her an ideal candidate for a hospital or medical facility that has a significant client base of
Albanian speaking people.

Any advice or any suggestions you may have will be greatly appreciated. I will pass on to her anything of value you can provide.

Bruce Eckman


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