Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kosovar Albanian seeks housing during BU Commencement

Here's an inquiry I recently received from a Kosovar Albanian seeking housing during BU's upcoming commencement. Are there Kosovar Albanians - or others - reading this who can help him out?

Ferid Azemi's email address is

Van Christo

I am Ferid Azemi an Kosovo albanian, and i was wondering if i could find some help when i will travel soon in Boston.
I have just graduated from Boston University ( online) and earned Master degree in Criminal Justice and the Commencement celebration will take place May 22, in Boston.
Maybe your organization could somehow help me out with housing or at least give me directions in case i may need your help. I do not have any relatives there in US so it will be kind of difficult for me being alone and with no one there.

Your help will greatly be appreciated



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