Monday, March 21, 2011

Mayor Menino and the Albanians?

Here's a marvelous opportunity to see and meet Hizzoner up close and surrounded by Albanians. My word, won't he have something to remember and talk about to his pals at City Hall!

As you can see by those below already signed up, space is very limited so be there.


***A dinner will be held with Boston Mayor Thomas Menino and the Albanian Community on Tuesday March 29, 2011 at 6:00PM at Vlora Restaurant in the Back Bay.

If you are interested to attend, send an email to

The cost of the dinner is $100. First come first serve -- seating is limited to around 30 people.

Come and support our efforts to expand the influence of the Albanian community in Massachusetts as we discuss a variety of issues with Mayor Menino.

Those already signed up for this unique event are:

* Afrim Alimeti
* Albion Calaj
* Jane Christo
* Van Christo
* Pandeli Dhima
* Minella Gjioka
* Nexhat Ibishi
* Bishop Ilia Ketri
* Stefan Kochi
* Ada Kokoshi
* Mark Kosmo
* Very Reverend Arthur Liolin
* Eva Millona
* Arber Muhameti
* Elisbeta Nasi
* Bishop Nikon
* Armando Nushi
* Albana Orgocka
* Paul Pando
* Filgen Prifti
* Katherine Prifti
* Alda Qirici
* Orgeta Qirici


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