Thursday, March 3, 2011

Albanians and cigarette smoking?

During our many visits to Albania, my wife, Jane, and I particularly noticed one trait about Albanians: They smoke a lot! No matter where we traveled throughout Albania - north to south - it became instantly apparent to us just how much Albanians smoke, and how many cigarettes they can consume in one sitting! Fortunately, the Albanian government finally posting warnings about the dangers of smoking on its cigarette packages!

According to the American Lung Association. cigarette smoking is the most preventable cause of the death and illness worldwide. The sites below have all the facts and figures to help you understand the problem and become part of the solution. Smoking kills. Pass it on.

Above the influence: Tobacco Facts

The Scoop on Smoking

American Lung Association: Facts & Figures

Source: The Boston Globe/Surfing the Net with Kids/January 14, 2011


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