Thursday, January 20, 2011

Marketing and printing tips from son Jeff

When I founded Frosina some 15 years ago as a non-profit Albanian immigrant and cultural resource, my older son, Jeff, a VP at a printing company, donated the printing of all of Frosina's business stationary - letterheads, 2nd sheets, mailing envelopes, business calling cards, news release forms, mailing labels, memos, and whatever else was required to introduce Frosina to the public as professional business entity. Because Jeff's services - gratis - were so important to Frosina's introduction and development, I'm pleased to post news and marketing tips from his company, ARTCO, that are both timely and informative to all readers - in business or otherwise. Below is a good case in point.

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Commit to Prosper in 2011

As the economy recovers and consumers regain confidence, print will be all about high-quality, high-impact marketing in 2011.

Companies that moved away from print in favor of digital media as they struggled with insufficient resources during the economic downturn are now returning to traditional marketing—and with good reason. Print is versatile and accessible to everyone, regardless of age or income. There are fewer print pieces in the mailbox each day, so consumers pay more attention. And words on paper are still perceived as more credible than those distributed electronically. Expect to see high-value brands taking advantage of benefits unique to print in the coming year—special papers, finishes, colors, sizes, formats, folds, die-cuts, personalization, and other specialty printing techniques.

Pairing print with new media will take your next marketing campaign to a new level. Just as we have learned to incorporate online marketing, social media, and iPad applications into our marketing mix, a fresh wave of technologies has emerged. While “augmented reality” may sound like something out of a sci-fi flick, it is a printing technology available today that will add fun and interactivity to your marketing materials. All a user needs to interact with augmented materials is a smart phone. Consider adding a Quick Response (QR) code—a bar code that can be scanned using a smart phone to direct the reader to your website (or other Web-based destination)—to your next printed piece.

While these new marketing methods can improve your ability to deliver a compelling message, you need to be aware of the potential downside. Although print has been around for centuries, new technologies come and go, making it difficult to determine which ones merit a place in your long-term marketing strategy. For example, QR codes require a smart phone, which not everyone has. E-mails face increasing firewall scrutiny, and personalized URLs (PURLs) can cause privacy concerns.

Talk to us, your print communication experts. We’ll help you preserve your traditional print strategy while incorporating new technologies to create a comprehensive marketing plan for 2011 and beyond.

Jeff Christo
155 Will Drive
Canton, MA 02021


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