Monday, July 12, 2010

Irish Immigration Center in Boston Helps Immigrants

The Irish Immigration Center in Boston, headed by the incredibly hard-working and devoted, Sister Lena Deevy, is an outstanding source providing a wide range of beneficial services to immgrants arriving in Boston.

Shown below is a just-produced Frosina Advisory offering welcome news ro all immigrant newcomers to Greater Boston!


A Frosina Information Network Advisory

The Irish Immigration Center

The Irish Immigration Center (IIC) was established in 1989 by a group of Irish immigrants to meet the needs of a large Irish immigrant population in Massachusetts and surrounding areas. Over the years, the IIC developed into a multi-service center and safe place for immigrants of all nationalities to turn to for advice and support on legal, employment, housing and substance abuse issues.

Today, the IIC serves immigrants from over 100 countries and is recognized for its work in promoting civic engagement and bridging cultural and other divides. We work toward partnership and solidarity, building an integrated society in which all people are treated with respect and dignity and enjoy equal opportunities and protections. IIC works individually and in collaboration with other organizations.


Legal Services
The Irish Immigration Center offers legal support including consultations, case assistance, and full representation to immigrants from all nations. We consult with thousands of immigrants guiding them through the process of gaining legal status, reuniting their families, and completing their journeys to U.S.

Counseling and Education ServicesOur Community Counseling Service provides counseling, referrals, and case management to people experiencing issues such as substance abuse, anxiety and depression. CCES also offers free health screenings and job skill building courses including computer and home health aide courses.

English for Speakers of Other Languages
We believe that facility in the English language is the key to leading a successful life in the US. Our experienced ESOL teachers offer classes designed to give immigrants the ability and confidence to converse in and understand English at work and at home.

IIC works in Boston, Ireland, and beyond to build bridges between communities traditionally separated from or culturally suspicious of each other. Our International programs improve participants’ employability and provide them with skills, practical work experience and the social and personal development to be able to contribute positively to their communities. Our programs include:

• J-1 Visa Programs
• Work and Travel program; summer student program
• Wider Horizons Program

Partnering with other organizations, we advocate for a sensible and compassionate immigration system that honors and upholds our great American tradition of immigration.
IIC Business Hours: Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm; please call to schedule and appointment

Irish Immigration Center
100 Franklin Street, LL-1 (Enter at 60 Arch St. or 201 Devonshire St.)
Boston, MA 02110
Phone: 617.542.7654

Frosina extends special thanks to IIC’s Janey Tallarida for updating this Advisory


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