Thursday, June 24, 2010

Robert Elsie: Albanian Historian Extraodinaire!!

Each time, I receive a communication from Robert Elsie, I know I'll be the recipient of some marvelous new information about Albania and the Albanians. Indeed, I hope the Albanian government has been cognizant of Robert Elsie's unique, ongoing Albanian studies and has recognixed him and them accordingly!

Here's Robert Elsie's most recent, important contributions.

Bravo, Robert!


Dear Van,

I have recently put new material on my websites.

Please have a look, if you are interested.

There are seven new texts of Albanian history under

1671, Stefano Gaspari -Travels in the Dioceses of Northern Albania
1912, Leo Trotzki - Hinter einem Zipfel des Vorhangs (in German)
1916, Theodor Ippen - Nineteenth-Century Albanian History
1933, Ahmed Zogu - King Zog Tells his Story
1934, Herman Bernstein - Little Albania is the Pawn in the Great Diplomatic Game
1959, Arshi Pipa - Communism and Albanian Writers
2010, Kolec Topalli - Communist Persecution in Albanian Studies

and, finally, listen to the voice of "King Zog of the Albanians" under

best wishes,
Robert Elsie


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