Thursday, June 10, 2010

Albania Parliament Returns to Normal

Here's a bit of good news after some months of impasse about the standoff between Rama and Berisha - Parliament is - finally - back in business!!

Check it out...


Albania Parliament Returns to Normal
Tirana | 09 June 2010 |

Albania’s parliament is expected to get back to business on Thursday following the nomination by the Socialist opposition of a deputy speaker and committee members after a nearly nine month-long boycott of the assembly.

The Socialist parliamentary group today nominated experienced MP Namik Dokle as deputy speaker and several other MPs to vacant committee positions. Dokle’s nomination will be put to vote on Thursday on the assembly floor.
The Socialists, who had boycotted parliament since September over the disputed results of the parliamentary elections, returned late last month following the initiation of EU sponsored talks that aim to find a compromise solution for the political crisis.

While the talks have not yet yielded a solution, with Prime Minister Sali Berisha and opposition leader Edi Rama still hunkered in their positions, the opposition has ended what it called its “conditional relationship with parliament.”

Berisha and Rama have so far failed to agree on the powers of a parliamentary commission set to investigate alleged irregularities in the parliamentary ballot held on June 28, 2009. The race was narrowly won by Berisha’s Democratic Party-led coalition.

While the Socialists seek a recount of the ballots, claiming that the government’s alleged fraud was to blame for their electoral loss, the majority insists that the opposition has exhausted all legal means for a recount to take place.


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