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English translation of Prof. Repishti's VOA interview

Below is the - instant automatic Google Translate - English translation of Prof. Sami Repishti's VOA original interview in the Albanian language about the current political scene in Albania (posted to the Frosina Blog on June 22, 2010).

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Below an interesting interview of prof. Sami Repishtit Voice of America.

In Albania there is a serious political class, but two groups that fight each other
Ilir Ikonomi | New York Wednesday, 16 June 2010

A renowned scholar of Albanians in Albania means that there is a serious political class, but two groups that fight each other. In an interview with Voice of America, Professor Sami Repishti spoke on the relations between Albania and Kosovo and the issue of the massacre of Bar, which is the subject of discussion in the U.S. again.

Voice of America: What do you think about the tough political fight that takes place today in the U.S.?
Sami Repishti: My impression is that we have a serious political class in. In Albania there are two groups that fight each other, two groups that either do not accept diversity within or are subject to the will of a president. Albania has the need for solidarity between all those who love the country. Can not be denied the right to love asnjeriu Albania. Only those who were convicted by trial or who have dyed their hands with blood are not allowed to speak, all others have the right to speak regardless of whether or not in power. The way political life is organized today in the U.S. divided into two groups, or the Democratic Party or the Socialist Party, in my opinion is wrong. There are people who disagree even with the Democratic Party nor the Socialist Party, however, they are not given any opportunity to display their opinion because the political arena is occupied by the two parties. Today it's hard to say which party is better that mistake because they exclude any possibility of discussion or dialogue with the other side. Monologue time has gone. We live in a world with much variety and this should be reflected in Albanian politics. In Albania there is no consensus politics, there is only hatred and contempt. Language used in political discussion is so low as blushing. I am very concerned by the image that is today Albania projects abroad.

Voice of America: But to some extent could not be a successful policy of Albania Albanian membership in NATO?
Sami Repishti: Albania's entry into NATO is not the policy of Albania merit in itself but a process impartible. Albania is part of Europe and inadvertently we intentionally enter into Europe, even if the Albanians do not want to say Europe. Albanians have entered NATO because they have an important geographical position and of course they will follow the rules of NATO, will implement all the commitments and will have the benefits of NATO. But to say that Albania's NATO entry is deserving of this or that political group, it is exaggerated.

Voice of America: Is there a serious interest for Kosovo from Albania?
Sami Repishti: Often times, significant events in Kosovo are not declared in Albania or Albania has not taken a position assigned to them until they are pronounced the great powers. I think this is a great lack of Albanian politics. Albania should play a positive role, the role of leadership in international public opinion on the issue of interest Kosovës.Mungesa Albania to Kosovo shows that when the political situation in Albania is not egërsohet and political parties do not need to use the element then the problem of Kosovo Kosovo almost silent in. But as create a political situation in Albania infuriating, in order to avoid criticism or to mislead the public interest for one or the other Albanian political parties, then the murder of Kosovo. I believe this is wrong.

If the government of Albania will have had a really serious purpose to the Kosovo problem, they should have established an institute for early studies on Kosovo. This institute should have been done by researchers regardless of political affiliation, the elements that recognize Kosovo's status and history, by people who understand international developments in Europe and the world. And they would have been as guidance for the Albanian government.

Voice of America: The U.S. has come up on stage again the issue of the Bar where the massacre of many Kosovar Albanians killed by Serb forces at the end of World War II. Why the U.S. policy is reacting so late?
Sami Repishti: This is again a matter of negligence of government in Kosovo. The issue of the Bar should be followed in 1992, when the Democratic Party came to power. Bar Not only but also other massacres that have been made in Kosovo. This would give up the development of many events in Kosovo, but also public opinion to understand the problem of Kosovo because Serb oppression in Kosovo not only focuses on the years 1988-99. The world must be clarified. These are old things thrown on stage but as points of discussion each time they are squares for the troubled political situation in Albania. This is unfair.

Voice of America: Is the Albanian state has had opportunities to investigate the massacre, for example to open certain files?
Sami Repishti: The Albanian Government is in a position that has developed its own hands. Investigation of crimes are not even in Albania itself. There are only individual stories or articles here and there to any who has had the courage to write a book. How can you talk of war in Kosovo when talking about crimes that have been made in Albania? This should be done regularly. Crime in Albania should be noted, as well as those in Kosovo, the issue would be clarified with time and the world should be advising him. There is still a case, when Albania was created in 1912 and so far, the Albanian government has officially supported Kosovo. All have played an opportunistic policy, keeping good with Serbia to Greece or Italy. Kosovo problem is only set up in Albania for political gain.

Voice of America: The U.S. idea that has been laid last communist president Ramiz Alia should know about the issue of the Bar. Should he be investigated?
Sami Repishti: Ramiz Alia is able to know more than we know because he was divisional commissar in Yugoslavia and has been more or less informed. I do not believe that Alia has known all the massacres that have made the Serbs. Bar is just one of them but there have been massacres in Kosovo. He has kept your mouth closed and have to kill conscience, but do not believe that he could know everything.


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whenever I encounter such a thing—I speak right up and tell them to speak english….that is what our tax dollars paid for with the English as a second Language crud…..I am not shy—they are in our country, in our businesses and unless they are in court and completely fail to understand what is happening should they be given an interpreter—-why make it so easy for these rude people….when they speak it around me I turn and say something to them in Choctaw Indian……they usually shut up right away, then in plain english I tell them that they are in MY country.

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