Monday, August 3, 2009

Same-Sex marriages in Albania?

According to an August 1, 2009 article in The Boston Globe, Albania Plans to allow Same-Sex Marriages, Albania's Prime Minister Sali Berisha's upcoming surprise proposal before the Albanian parliament allowing same-sex marriages has already generated strong objections by Albania's Christian Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Muslim clerical leaders. Moreover, opposition politicians have accused Berisha of using the issue as a ploy to draw attention away from their allegations that a June election was rigged. As a result, Berisha will most assuredly face a tough fight in Parliament, but should he prevail, Albania would become the first country in the Balkans to enact such protective legislation for homosexuals.

Albania, as a candidate for EU membership, will have to pass laws protecting sexual minorities from discrimination, but not necessarily approve gay marriage. However, almost two decades after the fall of communism, Albanian homosexuals still keep their sex lives very secret and private to shield themselves from the scorn and sometimes violent discrimination by members of Albanian society. Albania has, traditionally, had a long history of discrimination against homosexuals, and, under almost 50 years of communism, homosexuals lived in fear of being discovered since they were often given long prison sentences while suffering much verbal and physical abuse by both keepers and inmates.

Is it too soon for Albania to sanction same-sex marriages? Please post your comment below.


At August 8, 2009 at 11:34 PM , Anonymous Arlinda said...

I'm an Albanian living in Toronto, Canada where marriage is legal and where the gay community is a vital part of the rest of the society. Along with gay marriage in Albania the gov should also initiate an education campaign to teach the public the scientific reasons why people are born gay.
I don't know about the Muslims, because I'm an Orthodox Christian, but I will definitely write to the church to accept gays. The church and the Albanian society should work on a principle of acceptance, tolerance and inclusion of every member of our society. The church should offer them protection and support programs. I understand the Church will not marry gays bu they can offer them some kind of blessing.
If the Albanians are astute enough, they can cash from it too. Imagine all the gays from Eastern Europe coming to get married in Albania, like the Westerners who pilgrimate to Canada. Toronto also holds the annual Pride parade, which is organized very well, and brings millions of tourists and lots of revenue to the city annually! There is potential to market holiday/marriage/gay parade trips to Albania to the gay-lesbian-bi-trans groups.
It is no one's fault if a child is born gay, it is just a mutation of the sperm, a coincidence. In the end they are as much Albanian blood as us the others.
Having lived in Toronto for a decade almost, I see no negative influence on the family core of the society. It is possible for the 2 groups to co-exist. Gays have always existed throughout history, the only difference is that now we are acknowledging their existence. To deny 2% of the population is an encouragement of outright ignorance.

At August 24, 2009 at 10:16 PM , Anonymous Dritan said...

I am a 25 yr old Albanian male.I feel that there needs to be a proper debate on this issue.
First, the Gay community in Albania needs to have more freedom in their activities, the Government should promote tolerance against gay people, stop discrimination and aprove Civil Unions instead.
They should be able to have their NGOs, Bars, Love Parades etc, but Albania should not allow Gay marriages.


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