Thursday, July 30, 2009

Frosina Advisories

I have been producing Frosina Advisories for many years in order to provide possible helpful information to Albanian and other newcomers to the USA. At first, I distributed them to all Albanian-oriented and other organizations in Massachusetts and elsewhere, but as the cost of postage kept going up, I began the practice of placing Advisories on the literature rack in Frosina's reception area, including them with other mailings, while also posting them to the former Frosina Forum. To date, I don't really know if these Advisories were ever useful to anybody so here's the latest one below. I'd be curious to get your comments if you believe they're worthwhile or not.

A Frosina Information Network Advisory

SUMMER-2009 Consumer Information CatalogFree and Low-cost information from U.S. Government

Albanians and other newcomers to the USA can receive a FREE copy of the
SUMMER-2009 Consumer Information Catalog from the U.S. Government Printing Office that provides information about Health - Housing - Drugs and other useful data in the form of individual booklets by sponsoring federal agencies and offices including the following only partial listings under each category:

HEALTH – “Antibiotic Resistance,” “Concerns about Cell Phones,” ”Safe Use of Cosmetics,” “Mammograms,” “Pap Tests,” “Sleep Disorders,” “Strokes””

DRUGS AND HEALTH AIDS – “Over-the-Counter Drugs,” “Smoking – Medicines to Help You,” “Menopause and Hormones,” “Use Caution with Pain Relievers”

HOUSING – “How to Buy a Home with a Low Down Payment,” “A Consumer’s Guide to Mortgage Refinancing,” “Twelve Ways to Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Costs”

MONEY – “Guide to Long-Term Care Insurance,” “Protecting Yourself from Overdraft and Bounced Check Fees,” “Building a Better Credit Report,”

And much more helpful information…!!

Over 125 booklets are free of charge (except for a $2.00 service fee to accompany an order) with other costs beginning at 50 cents and up per booklet. Multiple copies of some free titles are also available –
call toll-free 1-888-878-3256 for more information.

MAKE IT EASY - GO INTERNET !! View Catalog listings by punching in Federal Citizen Information Center at, order publications online, and save the $2.00 service fee!

For a FREE copy of the SUMMER-2009 Consumer Information Catalog,
please write to: FCIC-08B
PO Box 100
Pueblo, CO 81002
The Federal Citizen Information Center (FCIC) was established to help Federal agencies and departments develop, promote, and distribute useful consumer information to the public. One of the ways to do this is by publishing a new Consumer Information Catalog four times a year. Each quarter, FCIC searches out the best new consumer publications and reviews those already listed in the Catalog for accuracy.


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