Thursday, July 16, 2009

Albanian classical music composers on CDs

It is a little-known fact that Albania has produced a wealth of interesting and impressive classical music by Albanian composers,* and a sampling is now available on CD.

When Jane and I entertain guests at our home, I invariably play the CD "KENGE" (listed below) as background music.

I urge visitors to the Frosina Blog to add the 2 CDs described below to their classical music collections!

The compositions of Çesk Sadija, Tonin Harapi, Ramadam Sokoli, Kozma Lara, and other well-known Albanian composers can be heard on two CD Discs titled:

“KENGE - Albanian Piano Music ”, KIRSTEN JOHNSON piano, Guild GMCD 7257 and
"RAPSODI - Albanian Piano Music Vol. 2," KIRSTEN JOHNSON piano, Guild GMCD 7300.

*Also see "Classical Music in Albania" under INFOBITS at


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