Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Frosina website passes half-million visits mark

Agron Alibali is a most meaningful activist in the Albanian community of Boston and elsewhere. He has continuously enriched the cultural and social life of our community by organizing, among other important events, An Evening of Albanian Poetry Readings and a Presentation of the Works of Albania's Nobel Prize in Literature nominee, the author Ismail Kadare.

After Frosina's website - - passed the half-million visitor's mark, Agron generously posted the notice below to MASS BESA'S massalbanians@yahoogroups.


Dear all,

I learned with great pleasure that the website of the Frosina Information Network - one of the best internet resources on Albanian culture, history and issues - hit the 500,000 clicks milestone.

This is certainly due to the immense efforts and work of the Frosina's Founder and President, Van S. Christo, who has spent countless hours in making Frosina a great success.

I only wish that the-one-million-hits mark comes soon, and that we could find a way to transform those hits into financial contributions for Frosina.




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