Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kosovar student seeks financial help

Here's another request from a Kosovar student for financial help studying in the USA. Any ideas or suggestions for this chap?



I'm Kreshnik Deliu, a student from Kosovo, currently studying in secondary education in Wisconsin, USA. I recently had the chance to learn more about the activities that your organization does, therefore I wanted to contact you for more Info.

As mentioned above I am a student from Kosovo, ethnic Albanian, studying with a scholarship from US State Department. As a senior, I am planning to continue my education in USA through college. I have already been accepted and got an academic scholarship at St. Norbert College, WI and UW-Superior with a scholarship too.

Being an ethnic Albanian from Kosovo, I was interested to learn more and maybe receive any financial if applicable for me. It there is any chance i have numerous document that prove that I deserve any financial help, starting from my academic transcript to the family annual income documentation.

I look forward hearing from you soon.

Best Regards,
Kreshnik Deliub


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