Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Barbara will be a judge at an Internationa Festival in Korcha!

I have never met Barbara Tzetzo Gosch, an Albanian who lives in Wisconsin, in person, but we have become friends via the internet. I was delighted - and, I must confess, a bit envious - to receive her great news below that she would serve as a judge at one of the events at the upcoming International Monodrama Festival that will take place in May in the city of my birth, Korce, Albania.

Barbara has promised an update for the Frosina Blog after she returns to America. Ataway Barbara! Break a leg!


I am most pleased to be invited to the International Monodrama Festival in Albania. The dates are from May 16th to May 21st of 2010. As a member of the International Albamono Jury, I will be part of a committee that judges actor’s monologues which will be approximately (45) minutes. Participants are primarily from Balkan and Eastern European countries. This experience will take place in Korce, where my parents were born, which makes the event all the more meaningful. I don’t know if others realize this, but during the twenties, I was told that Korce was viewed as a “Little Paris.”

This will be my second trip to Albania. In 1995 after seeing a tour listed as “Revolution by the Book,” which was posted in Liria (an Albanian-American newspaper no longer published) I helped dedicate the first free library. This took place in scenic Pogredec and was a marvelous adventure.

I want to thank the Organization Committee and the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports of Albania, which has worked hard to produce this exciting cultural event now entering its 5th year. Special appreciation also goes to these individuals, Dhimiter Orgocka (Director of Albamono 2010) Spartak Koroveshi (Coordinator with artistic teams) and Angelo Kondili (Coordinator for foreign guests).

Looking forward to seeing and hearing unique theater presentations, enjoying connecting with artists abroad, and writing about my experiences. State tuned.

Barbara Tzetzo Gosch


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