Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Here's a very worthy cause announced by Mark Kosmo* that everyone -- Albanian or non-Albanian -- should support!


Medical help for Albania

Please see the attached links for more information regarding the work in Albania of Dr. Kenneth Leavitt who is Chief of Podiatry at New England Baptist Hospital here in Boston. Dr. Leavitt will be returning to Albania in May, and MAAS/BESA has been asked to help publicize his efforts and also to help raise money. The focus if his efforts are to:

1) Help expand the Department of Orthopedics at the Mother Theresa Hospital; and
2) Perform additional surgery on an Albanian boy (Gerti Kaziu) so that he can walk normally again.

We hope that this will help plant the seeds for additional cooperation in the future in Albania in cases where we can help in the health field. Donations are welcome, as explained in the attached links. Please forward this email to others working in Albania and/or in the medical profession who might be interested to help.

*If you don't already know who Mark Kosmo is, please know that Mark is an activist who has done much for the Albanian community in Massachusetts. For example, Mark was very instrumental in forming MASS/BESA some time ago that has become an umbrella organization consisting of several Albanian-oriented groups.

To learn more about MASS/BESA, contact Mark directly:

Mark Kosmo
617-372-0931 (phone)
617-262-2340 (fax)


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