Thursday, March 11, 2010

The WWO and Ms. Kosova/2009

I was intrigued by the following announcement by The World Water Organization
and the fact that Ms. Marigona Dragushi, Ms. Kosova/2009, will make a special appearance at the upcoming "Drinking Water for Haiti" Concert at the Lincoln Center in New York.

Read on...


Dear All,

The World Water Organization (WWO), in line with its humanitarian mandate, has been effectively engaged in many ways to provide drinking water to the needy Haitians following the recent devastating earthquakes in their country.

As part of this humanitarian endeavor, a group of South Korean artists, led by Prof. Dr. Hai-Kyung Suh, one of the world's most renowned Pianist, is going to perform a concert at the Lincoln Center in New York for the benefit of the Haitians in need of drinking water, entitled: "Drinking Water for Haiti". This event will begin by a Special Appearance of Ms. Marigona Dragusha, Ms. Universe Kosova 2009 / Second runner up Miss Universe 2009, who is the World Water Organization Goodwill Ambassador. Meanwhile, His Excellency Ambassador Waheed Waheedullah, the Architect and the Desinger of the Peace Process and Independence of Kosova will also be in attendance. For detailed information on this event, please visit our web site at: or explore the following links:

Tickets for this event shall be purchased from the Lincoln Center either in person or on line through the above-mentioned link.

Looking forward to having the pleasure of your attendance.

Thank You,

The Executive Board,
The World Water Organization


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