Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Seeks Interpreter for Kosovar Boy Undergoing Surgery

Dear friends:

I just received a phone call from Boston Children's Hospital informing me that the young Kosovar boy recuperating from heart surgery (described below) has been moved with his mother to the home of a Kosovar family so interpreters are no longer needed.

I was also informed that the hospital had received offers from many Albanians who were willing to help.

Bravo Albanians!

Van Christo


I want to make a departure from my regular postings to the Frosina Blog because of the urgency expressed in the inquiry for help below. I hope that an Albanian translator can be of immediate service to the young Kosovar boy as he undergoes important surgery at Boston's Children's Hopsital.


My name is Bob Marcou and I am writing from the Waltham Massachusetts Rotary Club. We, as an organization, and our president, Glenna Gelineau, are hosting a 7 year old boy and his mom from Kosovo who is here for a heart operation at Childrens Hospital in Boston.

Unfortunately, none of us speak Albanian and the boy and his mom do not speak a word of English. He just arrived and the doctors need to perform additional surgeries and there is nobody around to help us communicate any of this to the boy or his mom.

Can you help us in any way? or advise us to where we might find help to converse? We appreciate any help or advice you can provide. Thank you so much!

Bob Marcou 781-899-2220 or 781-899-7420
Glenna Gelineau 781-894-4020 or jillos@aol.com


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