Monday, April 23, 2012

Boston: Kosova oil painting for sale?

As I recently walked by the display window of a  Boylston Street shoppe called Bartevian in Boston, I couldn't help but notice an oil-painting on display for sale. It instantly reminded me of mountain scene in Kosova showing a typical wooden/stone house situated before three  looming, beautiful  white mountains. I went inside the shop and asked Pat, the owner, about the possible locale of the painting who informed me that she believed it was a scene in the Swiss Alps.

What aroused my curiosity, however, was what I perceived to be the top portion  of a tall Muslim minaret behind the house making me believe that I was possibly looking at a Kosova locale. So, as long as the painting is still on display, perhaps some person in the Boston Common area  can also view the oil painting in the window to determine if it represents a Kosova scene or not. The shop is located next to the Steinway Piano Building in Boston at the address below.  However, ask for PAT to make sure the painting ($300) is still on display.

160 Boylston Street
Boston. MA 02116
Tel: 617 423-0266


At May 29, 2012 at 3:38 AM , Anonymous robint said...

really? Kosova painting for sale?


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