Friday, September 23, 2011

FALL 2011 Consumer Information Catalog

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FALL 2011 Consumer Information Catalog
Free and low-cost information

Albanians and other newcomers to the USA should visit to read, download (pdf) and order useful publications online in the FALL 2011 Consumer Information Catalog from the U.S. Government Printing Office. The Federal Citizen Information Center (FCIC) publishes the Consumer Information Catalog to deliver useful consumer information from federal agencies to the public.

The current FALL 2011 Catalog lists useful information about, for example,
Federal Programs - Cars - Education – Health and more with data supplied in the form of individual booklets by sponsoring federal agencies and offices. Below are only a few titles:

“Your Social Security Number and Card” 515W, FREE / “Social Security: Understanding the Benefits” 519W, FREE / “Social Security: What Every Woman Should Know” 523W, FREE / “For Public Sale! Used Federal Government Personal Property” 320W, $1.50

“Understanding Vehicle Financing” 306W, $1.50 / "Buying a Used Car" 301W, $1.50 “Buying a New Car” 302W, $1.50

“Saving and Investing for Students” 614W, Free / “Start Saving for College - Better Buy Degrees” 509W, Free / “We the People – A More Perfect Union” Poster 507W, Free

“Health Scams” 576W, Free “Antibiotic Resistance” 534W, Free/ “Pap Tests” 612W, Free/”Mammograms” 548W, Free / “Diabetes Medicines” 596W, Free / “High Blood Pressure – Medicines to Help You” 559W, Free

“A Guide for Seniors: Protect Yourself Against Investment Fraud” 577W, Free / “Get the Facts on Saving and Investing” 584W, Free / ”Consumer Guide to Financial Self-Defense” 580W, Free

Over 100 booklets are free of charge (except for a $2.00 service fee* to accompany an order) with other costs beginning at 50 cents and up per booklet. Multiple copies of some free titles are available. Please call toll-free 1-719-948-2995 Monday-Friday 9-5 Eastern Time or for more information.

*INTERNET: Save the $2.00 service fee! Check out where you can read, download (pdf) and order all publications online. No more phone or Fax orders.

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