Thursday, September 22, 2011

First Albanian to earn Law & Policy Doctoral Degree


Contact: Dr. Elda Sinani

Elda Sinani Awarded Doctorate from Northeastern University
First Albanian to earn Law & Policy Doctoral Degree

(HARTFORD, CT, September 21, 2011) Elda Sinani, a resident of Glastonbury, CT was awarded a Doctoral Degree in Law & Policy on September 17, 2011, from Northeastern University in Boston, MA. She is the first native of Albania to earn this specific degree in U.S.A., among other Albanians who have earned Ph.D.’s, J.D.’s, and M.D.’s

Dr. Sinani’s doctoral dissertation was entitled, “Stepping Up from the Shadows: Creating a Model for Leadership Development Among Immigrant Women.” A native of Albania who immigrated to the United States in 2000, Dr. Sinani said she had long wanted to do a study on immigrant women in this country. However, she soon found that virtually all existing academic work on the subject focused on its negative aspects, such as spousal abuse and substance abuse. “From my own personal experience, I knew that there are many immigrant women who are overcoming the numerous barriers they face and becoming leaders both within their own communities and in the general population. I wanted to tell their stories and create a leadership model in order to inspire other immigrant women to take full advantage of the opportunities this country offers.” Over 20 immigrant women were interviewed in the course of the study. The dissertation was completed in June, 2011 under the direction of Dr. Thomas H. Koenig, Professor of Sociology at Northeastern, and Dr. Philip Timothy Howard, Professor of Law at Northeastern.

Dr. Sinani has attended numerous national and international conferences. On April 29, 2010 she participated with a presentation at the International Congress of Educational Research in Antalya, Turkey. In addition, Dr. Sinani’s recent study “Stepping Up from the Shadows” has been accepted for presentation at the Conference, “Strangers in New Homelands: Deconstruction and Reconstruction of Home among Immigrants in the Diaspora,” at the University of Manitoba, Canada.

In addition to her doctoral degree, Dr. Sinani also holds law degrees from the University of Shkodra, Albania, and the University of Connecticut, School of Law. Formerly a Prosecutor in Albania, she has extensive experience in public service and administration. She currently works for the City of Hartford as a Project Manager in the Department of Development Services.

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