Friday, August 5, 2011

BOSTON: Two distinguished visitors from Kosova to visit Saint George Cathedral

Two distinguished visitors from Kosova shall visit Saint George Cathedral
on Sunday, August 14th. Divine Liturgy is commemorated at 10 AM.

Dr. Agim Ceku, Minister of the Republic of Kosova heads an high-level delegation to the United States from August 9-19.

For further information on the official aspects and purposes of the visit to the U.S., inquiries may be directed to: Minister Counsellor Jetish Jashari in Washington at:

Dr. Christopher Hall, president of the American University in Prishtina is in the U.S. meeting with educational and community leaders to outline the current developments and progress made at the AUK since its founding less than a decade ago.

Both visitors will be available to meet informally with members of the community.


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