Monday, July 18, 2011

The Albanians of Turkey?

I've always been a bit curious about the Albanians of Turkey. Many years ago, I was given a gift subscription to a well-produced Albanian-language newspaper "Besa" published in Istanbul, but when the publisher left Turkey, the newspaper was no longer published. Thus, I was extremely interested to read the following tidbit about Turkish Albanians posted by Canadian-Albanian writer, Perparim Kapllani, so I thought I'd pass it along...


"According to a 2008 report prepared for the National Security Council of Turkey by academics of three Turkish universities in eastern Anatolia, there were approximately 1,300,000 people of Albanian descent living in Turkey.[41] A part of these people have assimilated to the culture of Turkey, and consider themselves more Turkish than Albanian. Nonetheless, more than 500,000 families of Albanian descents still recognize their
ancestry like their languages, culture and traditions."


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