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German Demands About Kosovo Alarm Serbia

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23 Jun 2011 / 15:42

German Demands About Kosovo Alarm Serbia

German MPs' statements that Serbia will not get a green light to join the EU unless it recognises Kosovo have shaken Belgrade, which has rushed to clarify the remarks.

Bojana BarlovacBelgrade

Serbian officials have gone into overdrive following Wednesday's remarks in Belgrade by a delegation of German parliamentarians, who said that Serbia would have to recognize Kosovo's independence as part of its EU accession talks.

If not, Germany will not approve its accession to the bloc, they said.

Following the arrest and handover of the wartime Bosnian Serb military commander, Ratko Mladic, on May 26, many EU officials said that Serbia had removed the main obstacle to its EU accession. EU ministers are supposed to discuss Serbia's candidacy on October 12.

The issue of Kosovo, which unilaterally declared independence from Serbia in February 2008 and is recognised by 22 of the EU's 27 member states, has never been cited as a formal precondition for Serbia's EU integration.

But the German MPs said recognition of Kosovo, which Serbia claims as a province, would need to happen for Serbia to close negotiations on EU membership.

The promise of EU membership is a prime card in the hand of Serbia's ruling Democratic Party as it heads towards general elections expected in spring 2011.

To preserve the picture of this scenario, top officials rushed to "explain" the Germans' statements.

Bozidar Djelic, Deputy Prime Minister, said Germany wanted a solution to the Kosovo issue to be found - but was aware that Serbia will never recognise Kosovo's unilaterally declared independence.

"Germany does not in any way request Serbia's recognition of Kosovo," he maintained.

This clarification was followed by Borislav Stefanovic, head of Serbia's negotiating team with Kosovo. He said the first concrete results of the talks could be expected early next month at the next regular meeting of the two delegations in Brussels.

"Our teams talk every day and we are also in communication with the European Union, which sees the whole thing as very constructive," he explained.

Vuk Jeremic, Serbian Foreign Minister, also addressed the Kosovo issue after meeting the EU Enlargement Commissioner, Stefan Fuele, assuring both that the EU would not set any new conditions for Serbia and that Serbia would never recognise Kosovo's independence.



At July 8, 2011 at 6:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Christo

Your blog is is very interesting. I have found your blog recently. I do really admire your articles on this cite.

Serbia and Serbian Government are not willing to recognise Kosovo as a separate country. The EU legislation and their legal, political powers must do everything in their power to educate Serbian Government to give up the idea of Kosova is their land.

I understand this is going to take a long time and will take a lot of effort to achieve this. Why?

Because Serbia has educated Serbian for two centuries on, Kosovo as their land. The history and the truth is completely opposite as we all know and I do not intend to go through how and why Kosovo has never been Serbian land.

Serbian government handed over MLADIC not because they regret what he did but they were forced. Just the facts of how MLADIC acted in his first appearance at court shows if he has had any remorse what he has done on killing thousends of people.

I am sorry to say all this on your blog but reading few books lately on how badly North of Albanians have been treated by Serbians from 1913 ,1914.1915.1916 demonstrates the fact that they never will accept the Kosovo as an independant country. The books I am referring are the Albanian Greatest friend Aubrey HERBERT. His diaries during this period are the true source of the truth during these terrible times for the whole Albania.

According to his diary thousend of people were starving for food and had no shelter in North of Albania Scutari ( Shkodra today) all this becuase of Serbians moved to the territories given to them from the Western Powers and burned houses, killed people and sending people back in Albanian territories.
A humanitarian help saved a lot of people's lives. Some of the help came from England government with requested Aubrey Herbert. Also at this difficult times Aubrey urged Ismail Qemal's Government for £. 5000 pounds to help people in North of Albania.

Those horrid events, never should be forgotten from the Western Powers which today is replaced by EU. They should use every instrument that they in their hands not to make it easy for Serbians to join EU without satisfying their conditions.


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