Monday, December 6, 2010

Albanian woman victim of domestic violence needs help!!

I just received the E-Mail below from the Director of the Family Law Project, Rachel Biscardi, requesting help for an Albanian woman who is a victim of domestic violence but speaks no English. If you - or someone you know - can help out, please contact Rachel Biscardi immediately! Thanks.


My name is Rachel Biscardi and I am the Director of the Family Law Project in Boston. We help low-income victims of domestic violence (both men and women) find attorneys to represent them for free in family law cases. We have had times where someone has contacted us who speaks no English and we would like to help them. If we could find someone who would be willing to help translate, for free, that would be a wonderful resource. Additionally, if you know of any social service providers who specialize in domestic violence, we would love to connect with them.

Right now
we have a woman that we would like to help but she only speaks Albanian.

Please feel free to email me at this address.

Thank you kindly,

Rachel B. Biscardi
Director, Family Law Project
Women’s Bar Foundation
27 School Street, Suite 500
Boston, MA 02108

Ph: (617) 973-6666
Fx: (617) 973-6663


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