Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Albanian Blood Feuds

Just below is an important E-Mail I just received from a noble organization in Albania seeking to prevent - once and for all times - the ongoing, centuries-old blood feuds in Albania that reflect the backward mentality of those feudalistic Albanians who continue to practice them into the 21st century!

Please, pass this information along to as many people as you can to express support - and encouragement - of the fine work of this most worthy organization in Albania!

Van Christo


Dear Mr. Christo,

I had the pleasure to read about you and your organization and all the
wonderful infobits about the true Albanians, and I was very pleased. Thank
you for acknowledging and sharing with us those wonderful facts about the
Albanian people.

We are ISHDPK “Instituti Shtepia e Drejtesise dhe Pajtimit Kombetar” also known “House of Justice and National Reconciliation Institute” a
non-governmental non profit organization located in Albania. Our main goal
is to arrange a peace treaty between the families caught in the fatal
cycles of ‘Blood Feuds’, a centuries-old custom rooted in the Albanian
tradition of an "Eye for an eye".

Today more than 1,600 families all over Albania cannot leave their homes
and their children cannot attend school because they are involved in
‘Blood Feuds’. In the coming month we are co-working on bringing a peace
treaty between two families with a feudal past of more than 50 years
ongoing. We desperately need your help and cooperation by donating to this
organization so that we can help ease the pain and eliminate these
murderous blood feuds that are affecting the Albanian community allover.
We are that organization that promotes peace and equality and preventing
murders between these innocent families caught in Blood Feuds.
Please spread the word so that anyone can be a part of this huge impact by
donating to ISHDPK. You may find more information about us on our website

We truly appreciate all of your help & contribution.

Thank You,
Agim Loci
Executive Director

Web: E-mail:
Tel: +355 4 2271223 Fax: +355 4 2238964 Cell: 0355 69 21 89 721
Address: BLV “Zogu I” , Tirana, Albania


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