Thursday, January 7, 2010

I have frequently cited (BIRN) as a source for unusual or little-publicized information about the Albanians. Just below is the most recent example.


Melting Snow Threatens Albania’s Flooded Areas
Tirana |
06 January 2010 |

PM Sali Berisha visiting flooded areasAlbanian authorities said on Wednesday that melting snow is increasing the flood water levels in Northern Albania, that have already covered thousands of hectares of arable land and engulfed over 300 houses, forcing the evacuation of hundreds of families.

Albania`s Prime Minister Sali Berisha called for the urgent evacuation of the residents of the flooded areas on Tuesday.

“We are managing the situation but the atmospheric conditions do not favour us,” he told a press conference.

"We are one the verge of a real catastrophe and the evacuation should be carried out urgently," he added.

Floods in the low plains in northern Albania have led to a rapidly deteriorating situation during the last 24 hours. The Albanian Power Corporation, KESH, has opened the gates of three major dams on the Drin River, as they have reached their maximum level.

Water reached the 292 meter level, two meters higher than the critical point in the Fierza dam on Wednesday, which is the largest in the Balkans.

So far most residents in the areas affected by the flooding have refused to be evacuated, but meteorologists predict more rain in the area.

Local televisions have reported that the majority of inhabitants in the flooded areas refuse to move, saying that they want to save their domestic animals first, which are the major cash revenues in rural Albania.


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