Friday, April 17, 2009

DVD Albanian Church Documentary

I frequently receive many requests to cross link on Frosina's website that I invariably refuse simply because there have been so many of them. However, I will make a one-time exception because it's about an event that happens once in a hundred years. Metropolitan Fan S. Noli was for a short time in 1924, the Prime Minister of Albania, but, perhaps, more important, he founded the Albanian Orthodox church in America. Saint George Cathedral, the seat of the Albanian Orthodox Archdiocese in America, in South Boston, recently celebrated its Centennial. In honor of this 100-year milestone, a DVD has been produced documenting the history of the Cathedral and the immigration of Albanians to America.

The title of the English language DVD is “In Their Own Tongue,” reflecting the fact that Albanians were finally able to celebrate the Divine Liturgy in their own native tongue after almost 500 years of Turkish subjugation. I purchased the CD soon after it came out and have been pleased to show it non-Albanian friends.

Copies of the DVD are being offered for sale at Saint George Cathedral in South Boston following Sunday Liturgy and through the Cathedral’s Web site (


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