Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sam Yoon as Mayor of Boston?

It came as no real surprise to me to read that Sam Yoon, a Councellor-at-Large in Boston, has just announced his candidacy for Mayor of Boston in the upcoming November election. Since I have served on the Governor's Advisory Council for Refugees and Immigrants for several years, I became somewhat familar with Sam Yoon after he began sending me eMail notices and comments about immigration and other matters affecting the City of Boston. Because some of Sam's comments were directed to the immigrant community at large, I posted several to the Frosina Forum believing them to be helpful to Albanian and other immigrants in the Greater Boston area.

The February 11, 2009 Boston Globe newspaper has published two interesting articles about Sam Yoon that offer opposing views about him serving as the Mayor of Boston. One article titled "A race, finally" by Globe columist Yvonne Abraham presents a postive view of Sam Yoon while the other titled "Yoon's earnest shot in the dark " by Scot Lehigh provides a somewhat contrasting look at him.

I believe that both Globe articles by Yvonne Abraham and Scot Lehigh about Sam Yoon are worth reading especially by anyone planning to vote for Mayor of Boston in the November elections - here's where you'll find them: /02/11/a_race_finally/ icles/2009/02/11/yoons_earnest_shot_in_the_dark/


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