Sunday, March 1, 2009

Evaluation of diplomas from foreign universities

The information below is an important source for all those seeking USA equivalency of foreign diplomas.

A Frosina Information Network Advisory

Sources for the Evaluation of Diplomas from Foreign Universities to Determine USA Educational Equivalency

Albanian and other newcomers to the USA who have received diplomas as graduates of universities or institutes of higher learning in Albania and other foreign countries should have their diplomas evaluated to determine their equivalency to degrees offered by USA colleges and universities. This is important when seeking to continue with academic studies or for professional employment purposes.

Evaluation standards for reviewing foreign diplomas are those recommended by the National Council on the Evaluation of Foreign Educational Credentials. In response to many inquiries, the Frosina Information Network is pleased to list the following organizations that are qualified to review foreign diplomas and to issue certification of their USA equivalency:

Center for Educational Documentation, Inc.
Ann K. Kugler, Director
PO Box 199
Boston, MA 02117-0199
Tel: (617) 338-7171 / Fax: (617) 338-7101

World Education Services
Mariam Assefa, Executive Director
PO Box 745
Old Chelsea Station
New York, NY 10011
Tel: (212) 966-6311 / Fax: (212) 966-6395

Educational Credentials Evaluators
James Frey, Executive Director
PO Box 92970
Milwaukee, WI 53202-0970
Tel: (414) 289-3400 / Fax: (414) 289-3411

Josef Silny & Associates
Josef Silny, President
PO Box 248233
Coral Gables, FL 33124
Tel: (305) 666-0233 / Fax: (305) 666-4133

Academic Credentials Evaluation
Jasmin Saidi, President
PO Box 6980
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Tel: (310) 275-3530 / Fax: (310) 275-3528

Foundation for Educational Services
Jack Hoover, President
200 West Mercer St., #503
Seattle, WA 98119-3950
Tel: (206) 298-0171 / Fax: (206) 298-0173


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