Monday, November 28, 2011

About Albania's National Holiday - November 28th

Urime 28 Nentorin
Rrofte Diten e Flamurit

Van and Jane Christo


According to a news release distributed this date by the National Albanian American Council (NAAC)- - below is a statement from USA Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, about November 28th, Albania's most celebrated national holiday:

“Our two countries share a long history of friendship and cooperation. Today, we are strengthening this partnership as we work side by side in NATO and encourage stability in the region and around the world. We continue to support Albania’s integration into the European Union and we encourage Albania’s political leadership to work together to ensure their country moves forward. The Albanian people want a transparent government, accountable leadership, and strong democratic institutions that will help build a prosperous and secure future. The United States will continue to stand firmly with the people of Albania as we work together to achieve these goals.”

“As you celebrate this special day, know that the United States is a partner and friend. I wish all the people of Albania the very best and look forward to deepening our partnership in the years to come.”
- Hillary Clinton, U.S. Secretary of State


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