Monday, October 26, 2009

Albanian dialects - a new website!

I have never met Robert Elsie in person but I think it's OK to state that we became friends by our many exchanges of letters and E-Mails over the years. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the name of Robert Elsie - who resides in Germany - please know that he has produced the definitive work on Albanian literature for which he is to be highly commended. Just below is his latest contribution!

- Van Christo

Albanian dialects - a new website



I am pleased to announce a major presentation of the Albanian language on the internet. Under you can now hear audio recordings of 137 dialect variants of Albanian, from ten countries where it is spoken as a native language. Best wishes, Robert Elsie


Ju njoftoj për një paraqitje të madhe të gjuhës shqipe në internet. Në faqen www.AlbanianLanguag mund të dëgjoni inçizime zanore të 137 varianteve dialektore të shqipes nga dhjetë shtete ku ajo flitet si gjuhë vendase. Ju uroj dëgjim të këndshëm, Robert Elsie


Ich freue mich eine Präsentation der albanischen Sprache im Internet vorstellen zu können. Unter www.AlbanianLanguag finden Sie Tonaufnahmen von 137 Mundartvarianten der albanischen Sprache aus zehn Ländern. Alles Gute, Robert Elsie


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